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MadameMargi Forum  
Slutty John

Platinum Boarder
Posts: 187
Karma: 10  
My second appointment with Madame Margi by Slutty - 2004/11/01 00:23 As Madame Margi enters the room in her black leather jeans white blouse and leather gloves I can?t help but raise my head from the bowed position to look at her beautiful stature stood before me. I am instructed to stand and touch my toes where she then places my head between her leather clad thighs and squeezes tightly. Oh what a feeling to be trapped between her legs as she whips my bottom with her crop.

I am then secured to her bondage chair and a gas mask placed over my head but she was not happy in just having me secured by the leather straps so went about binding me with rope the tighter she pulled it the more aroused I felt the feeling of my arms suddenly becoming immobile really turned me on. I am sure the next time with Margi I will be begging for it to be tighter and tighter. Once she has me secure as she wants, she places the dreaded nipple clamps on my nipples which were still sensitive from the other day?s session, yet she showed no mercy and placed them on again. Pegs were also placed on my balls. Next time I think I will try and count how many she gets on. Cock rings are then placed over my already aroused cock the feeling was great. At one point it felt as if I was going to cum if Madame Margi kept on playing with my cock which I am sure she would not have been happy with and severely punished me. But I managed to compose my self once she started to pull on my nipples and the pain took the focus off my aroused cock.

Once again Madame Margi, I thank you for a lovely session. I am so looking forward to our next session in the near future.

Your happy contented slut John xx

Post edited by: admin, at: 2004/11/02 23:42
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Platinum Boarder
Posts: 187
Karma: 10  
Re:My second appointment with Madame Margi by Slutty - 2004/11/05 00:21 To My Slut John

It is always a pleasure to dominate you in my home Playroom. You are very receptive of my cruel methods of torture and always so calm. The atmosphere can be both tense and relaxing. You are a perfect slave for me and I will welcome your return whether to allow me to photograph and film you once again or to be my kidnap victim or prisoner for an interrogation scene. One thing remains to be said. I now own you and there is no going back!!!

Your Strict and Sensual Sadistic Mistress

Madame Margi
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