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Review by Sissy Maid Marcia - 2004/11/09 01:37 It wasn't my first time with you, but that's really irrelevant isn't
it? Every visit to you is different, exciting and beyond belief.

Because I am a cross dresser, I really do appreciate the beauty and
serenity of a powerful woman like you. To be in our presence is to
make me dream about what I could become, but I'm a mere male, and how
could I hope to achieve a female side to match you.

As the evening approached, you had already planned the session, and
decided on my outfit for the role. Black court shoes, nylons, a short
black skirt and tight fitting top, jewellery and of course the wig. I
was to be your sissy maid for the night. Wow, I just couldn't wait.
You met me at the door in an outfit to die for, I wish I looked half
as good, but alas?. You were wearing shoes similar to mine, black
seamed stockings, tight black skirt and a wonderful white
businesswoman blouse ? you looked stunning, and I was terribly
jealous. No messing about, after the hello's and other pleasantries,
upstairs I went, into the bathroom, got dressed up, and put on my
make-up. On emerging from the room you were there, with a wicked grin
on your face and an apron and maid's cap in your hand.

Now, I've never been anyone's maid before, and I was a bit scared as
to what I was going to have to do. (Dream time ? what if you were
having friends around for a dinner party and I was going to have to
wait on, but alas no.) You sat down in the high-backed chair looking
so regal and authoritarian, that I had no choice (even if I'd wanted
to) but to serve you in any way you wanted.

`Pour me a glass of wine', came the command and I hastened to obey.
With shaking hands, I finally managed it and gave it to you on a
tray. I was even forced to curtsey ? how humiliating is that?
`On your knees', came the next order. I dropped like a stone,
(careful not to ladder my nylons of course,) Once in place I was
commanded to lick your shoes and suck your heels ? bliss!

Slowly kissing and caressing your feet and legs, taking what appeared
to take forever, but you seemed quite happy to just sit back and let
me get on with it, and I wasn't complaining. Next I had to remove
your shoes and kiss, suck and caress your nyloned feet. I was slowly
reaching seventh heaven when much too soon you called it to a stop.

I was pulled over your knees and after a good spanking, was made to
drag out your bench and then ordered to lie down on my back. You
efficiently commenced to make me completely immobile, with various
ropes, belts and shackles, but before binding my testicles, you put a
blindfold on me, another first. I was totally helpless now on every
sense of the word.

What a feeling, knowing that this beautiful goddess could do whatever
she wanted with me, and I could do nothing, I couldn't even watch her
to anticipate what was going to happen next. What did happen was
totally unexpected, my skirt was pulled up and after a couple of
slaps, you walked away, and I was left alone in a world of total
helplessness and trepidation in the dark.

It seemed an age before you came back, and you began to
systematically slap me again, bringing all my nerve endings and other
things, to complete alertness. Every part of my body tingled or
smarted, and I longed for more, I nearly begged for more, I was so
high. You then alternated this bodily abuse, with caresses, which
were oh so soft ? I never wanted it to end, but it did. What next I
thought, what more could this amazing woman do to me? I soon found

This was a day for firsts and here was another, queening. I'd heard
about this wonderful activity of course, but now, after having been
trapped between your soft and powerful thighs, I became a complete
addict, its queening for me now - forever. I only wish that I could
have seen your expression whilst you sat on my face, you obviously
were enjoying it, or so the sounds led me to believe, and I felt so
honoured to be there at your whim and pleasure.

All too soon it was over, and I was into another shock. You'd removed
my blind fold, and wow, you had changed outfits, you were now dressed as a nurse, and I fell in love with you all over again. You had
become a vision beyond belief and I can still see you in my mind's
eye. A tall curvy apparition, dressed in a short white PVC nurse's
dress, that clung to your amazing body, and left little to the
imagination. It was wonderful.

Thank you for such a fabulous session Madame, and please let me come
again. I know you must be having a dinner party sometime!!

Your sissy maid

Post edited by: madamemargi, at: 2004/11/09 01:41
  The administrator has disabled public write access.
Madame Margi
Re:Review by Sissy Maid Marcia - 2004/11/11 09:37 My dear Marcia

Whenever you visit me and I watch as you transform yourself from Mike into Marcia I am transfixed. You really do have fantastic shapely legs and I adore holding your own feet in my hands and admiring your beautiful dainty feet with the scarlet painted toe nails. If you remember Marcia that after removing your leather ankle straps I once held your foot and gently kissed each toe. How wonderful you looked dressed as my Sissy Maid in my frilly cap and apron.

Remember that I promised to give you a most sensual domination session on your next visit and I did. I used nylon stockings throughout to blindfold and gag you and also to tie and tease your cock and balls. Used them to stroke your naked body too. You amazed me by how very calm and relaxed you were as if almost hypnotised when I had you securely bound on my bench. The live videos I took of the evening speak volumes in themselves don't they?

I don't have any dinner parties planned but would love you to be my Sissy Maid whenever you are available. To serve tea and coffee to my clients and to be my chaperone. I could give you some household duties such as ironing my crisp white blouses or being my chauffeur when I need to visit my fetish outfitters.

I look forward to seeing you again very soon.

Your Strict and Sensual Madame Margi

Post edited by: madamemargi, at: 2004/11/11 09:38
  The administrator has disabled public write access.

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