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Ajay's Sensual Session - 2004/11/12 09:35 I had looked at Madame Margi's websites and yahoo groups for some time, contemplating a session. I was attracted to Madame because of her style of domination - strict and sensual. Even after looking at Madame Margi's photo's I was still not prepared for the vision of beauty, dressed from head to toe in black leather, that greeted me on my first visit to her house. Such a vision of dominance often dreamed about by many but with a warm friendly smile that could melt any heart and bring your defenses to your knees.
Madame soon had me following her like a lamb to the slaughter up the stairs to her playroom. It was well equipped and with subtle lighting, fragrant candles burning away and soothing music to set the mood. Madame had me sit in a chair as she put me at ease, explaining what she expected while slowly walking back and forth in front of me, teasing me with her body and her wicked smile. She seemed to love every minute of it.
I was the instructed to strip and be kneeling ready for Madame to return.
Madame had me worship her leather boots and then remove them to worship her dainty stocking clad feet too. (You have such beautiful tiny feet Madame; I could have licked and sucked them clean all day) I was instructed to stand and then bend over. Madame then trapped my head between her silky thighs under her leather skirt but as I was enjoying the moment of bliss I felt the first of several slaps from her leather clad hands against my raised cheeks. The pleasure of having my head trapped between Madame's more than made up for the slaps though, and I would have gladly remained there for more.
After more teasing I was laid out on Madame's bench and tied in place with rope. When I thought it couldn't get any better Madame started to wrap my body in Clingfilm. I have experienced this many times before as I really like tight bondage but I had never been wrapped so tight in my life as this. There was no way I could escape and I couldn't shout for help as Madame had filled my mouth with her panties and secured them in place with her tights and stockings. I was totally at her mercy and loving every minute of it. My whole body was teased and tormented by Madame's sensual touch. My senses were in overdrive as Madame toyed with me, rubbing her body against mine, sitting on my face and forcing me to inhale her womanly scent as my nose was trapped between her cheeks. After winding me up to such a state Madame then left me alone and wanting for more.
When Madame did return she had changed into the sexy see-through black skirt she is seen wearing in her new album. Again I was teased beyond belief by Madame and yet again I was fortunate enough to have my face blessed with Madame's cheeks against it. I couldn't move and I didn't want to, in fact I can still hear Madame taking her pleasure on my face now and I wish I was still strapped down and trapped under her beautiful cheeks now. It was a mixture of pleasure and pain as my cock and balls were tightly bound and being pulled at the same time.
I suppose all good things have to come to an end at some stage and I was eventually released but only to be slapped and caned by Madame. She said that I didn't need to be punished because I had been so good, so I suppose I will have to play up a little next time so I can get more of a beating. The final part was the hardest part, being placed over Madame's silky thighs waiting to be spanked makes it very difficult to control yourself but I am glad to say I did not embarrass myself on this occasion.
All in all it was the most sensually erotic session that I have ever experienced at the hands of a Mistress and I look forward to going back and surrendering myself to Madame for more of her special treatment.
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Madame Margi
Re:Ajay's Sensual Session - 2004/11/21 16:24 Dear Ajay

Thank your for taking the time to write your review of what proved to be the very beginning of my Sensual Sessions.

I look forward to welcoming you back so that I can further explore my more sensual dominant side.

Wishing you well.

Your Strict and Sensual

Madame Margi
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