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I was having a wonderful session with my Mistress Madame Margi when she said "I have a surprise for you" and by the expression on her face I knew I would enjoy it. "Now slave sit in my torture chair and be quiet". My feet and hands were bound to the chair and Margi proceeded to tie up my cock and balls, this was a wonderful feeling made all the better by the leather gloves she was wearing. Once I was all tied up my mistress looked at me with a wicked smile "now we will see if you can pass my tests and that little thing (she pointed at my cock) had better not get hard or you will be punished?. With that she turned to leave the room and the sight of Madame Margi and her wonderful bottom enclosed in her girdle made my cock stir. Madame knew this would happen and turned around to see my cock starting to rise "what did I say slave about that thing" and gave it a quick slap with her crop. She then left the room leaving me with a deflated cock and time to ponder on what my surprise would be.

After what seemed ages, probably a couple of minuets, the door opened and in came my mistress followed by mistress Judy dressed in a low cut black bra, black hold ups and a small white apron (I presumed she had a pair of panties on but could not tell) and carrying a tray with 5 or 6 glasses, of what looked liked white wine or champagne! "Now we will see if you are any good at wine tasting. You will be blindfolded and given a sip of each drink in turn, you have one chance to guess what it is. If you get it right you will be rewarded, my choice of course and if you get it wrong you will be punished, yes you guessed right, my choice. We have of course to keep Judi happy so she will fix the Tens Machine to your cock and do as she wishes. Do you understand?" Yes Madame I understand.

Judi put the tray down and knelt down in front of me and started attach the Tens Machine to my cock, whilst Margi stood, legs apart over Judi's head and put the blindfold on me. The sheer closeness of both Mistresses and my thoughts of what Judi could do if she looked up made my cock shoot up, only to be rewarded! With a sharp shock from the Tens and a giggle from Judi. "Oh! That is nice Judi." I heard Margi say. What was happening? My thoughts raced and my cock jerked, only to be slapped and shocked by Judi.

"Well my slave we will begin, now what is this." I felt a gloved hand hold my chin and a glass pressed to my lips, I took a sip but could not decide if it was apple juice or grape juice, I guessed at grape.
I was sipping her golden champagne.

A sharp shock went through my cock and Margi said, with a slight wicked chuckle in her voice "wrong." My next attempt was just as bad what I thought was apple juice was grape, so the same thing happened. The next glass was put to my lips and I sipped it, the taste was warm and slightly salty this was nectar I made my guess as Judy?s golden rain. A shock went through my cock again but this time Margi said I was right (Judy was just having fun with the Tens and my cock) "Now for your last tasting before you get your rewards or punishment." The last glass was raised to my lips, I took a sip, this was pure champagne, warm and from my most magnificent mistress Margi, I felt I was in heaven, to have my mistress both stood so close (though I was blindfolded still and could not see her) I could feel her warmth and sweet scents.

My blindfold was removed and both Mistresses were stood in front of me. "Now what shall we do to him Judi, do we reward him or punish him?" I have always wanted a pet dog said Judi. "Then you shall have your wish." Judi gave Margi a big lingering kiss in thanks and I in turn got a very hard cock.

I was taken off the chair and told to stand in front of Judi." Now my slave you are going to be a pet dog for Judi and you will obey her every command. Just one thing first kneel down, you have been wondering if Judi has anything under her apron, have you not?" and with that she went around the back of Judi and undid the apron but did not remove it (what a wonderful tease my mistress is) slowly the apron was lowered to reveal a very tiny g string, what a wonderful reward to be only inches away. I then had a dog collar and lead put on my neck and ordered on all fours, Judi led me around the room while Margi was slapping my bottom with a paddle. I was told to curl up in the corner and await my mistresses? return. I was again left alone in the room for what seemed ages but time meant nothing as my thoughts raced thinking of what had happened and what was going to.

The door opened and Madame Margi came in still looking magnificent in her black girdle (what a superb body my mistress has) followed by Judi carrying a dog bowl which she placed on the floor at the far side of the room, so I could not see what was in it. Margi sat down on her chair. "Come here my pet, now worship my feet." This I did with loving care as I adore kissing, licking and sucking those beautiful feet. When I had finished I was led by my lead over to the dog bowl. "Your reward my pet, fresh warm champagne from your mistress, now lap it up, all of it". When I had finished, the collar and lead was removed and because I had been obedient I had a final reward of my Mistress, Madme Margi and Mistress Judi having another big hug and kiss.

Well Madame Margi that is it I hope you like it and we can act it out please.

Your Loving Submissive Seat

Post edited by: madamemargi, at: 2004/11/08 10:56
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Platinum Boarder
Posts: 187
Karma: 10  
Re:SLAVE STORIES - 2004/11/08 10:59 To My Seat

How much I enjoyed reading your Slave Story of the Month. It will give me great pleasure to enact this Fantasy of yours together with Mistress Judi very soon. I will take photographs and make it into one of my very first Slave Story Book for all to envy your personal experience!

Your Mistress

Madame Margi
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Marg`s Seat
Re:SLAVE STORIES - 2004/11/22 16:37 Thank you my most gracious Mistress Madame Margi. I cant wait to enact my story with you and I would be most honourd to be you first Slave Story Book.

Your humble seat
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