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MadameMargi Forum  

Platinum Boarder
Posts: 301
Karma: 182  
Amazing Triple Disc DVD Set! - 2017/12/09 19:17 I have been watching your latest triple disc DVD today and it is truly superb and quite possibly your best yet!

It features 3 discs all packed with realistic scenes showing you in so many different dominant roles!

I love your outfits and you look in great shape. Your legs look amazing!

I cant believe how short and revealing the pink nurse outfit is that you made me wear in one of the scenes. Very embarassing indeed and you look totally superior in your crisp white satin blouse.

A real surprise for me was in the scene where you have me secured in the bondage frame with my back to the camera and while you spank me hard you take a moment to show a brief glimpse of your white knickers to the camera! I had no idea this was what you were wearing!

Sissy elf is one of my favourites too. It is such an embarassingly short outfit and barely hides my botty.

This is a must have DVD Set for all your fans.

Your Prettykins
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Posts: 2705
Karma: 266  
Re:Amazing Triple Disc DVD Set! - 2017/12/09 21:45 I am so thrilled & feel very proud when I watch myself on screen via my DVDs.

How cheeky of you to notice that I was indeed wearing white knickers which are revealed as I lift up my pencil skirt to pull down my red silk blouse. Oh Prettykins this is the day we had been shopping in Bolton & I forced you to wear erotic lingerie & your pink slave collar beneath your very smart James Bond suit. I was totally on a high after humiliating you in public & forcing you to buy me lingerie, perfume & lunch. What better reward for you when we returned to BDSM Base for full transformation, tie & tease & spanking!

I look forward to our next public humiliation session in my home town in the New Year.

Mr Bond you are so handsome & obedient but such a pretty Sissy when full transformed as my number One Sissy of all. My creation totally. My Prettykins.

This year you have been truly stretched way over your limits. Over & over again you have given me ultimate satisfaction by taking hours of heavy spanking, paddling, hanbd tawsing, caning on botty & peeny. Wearing chastity device, nipple clamps, kissing my shoes & bending over for Aunty Carolyn.

I dressed you up in red & black shiny latex on your last visit.
I had to change your name for this unique session to Latex Lucy. What a deliciously gorgeous Rubber Tart you made.

I sense now that you will agree to wear whatever outrageous outfit I choose for you next year.

I am missing my Xmas Elf but looking forward to Valerie Valentine who will be honoured to polish my figure in red PVC catsuit & thigh boots. A skimpy PVC outfit will be chosen for you my darling dolly who I truly adore dressing up & being ultra strict & sadistic with too.

I suggest you return to kneel before me soon & suck upon my cock, kiss my thigh boots & bend over for my Dragon Cane!

Merry Christmas Prettykins

Spanking New Year
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