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Platinum Boarder
Posts: 302
Karma: 183  
Session Review of New Experiences - 2018/02/11 11:34 My latest visit to my Aunty Margi was one filled with surprises and new experiences.

I arrived at Madame's private boudoir expecting to be greeted by my Strict Aunty Margi but upon entering I looked up to the top of the stairs where my eyes were met with the vision of a tall statuesque goddess in shiny black pvc.

PVC Goddess Margi was wearing her big strapon cock and without hesitation I made my way up the stairs and upon reaching the top I started to worship Madames cock!

Once Madame was satisfied we moved into the punishment room where I was wrapped naked from head to toe in clingfilm and secured by a neck collar into the bondage frame where for the next 30 minutes Madame teased mr to her hearts content.

When Madame finally released me I was led into the transformation boudoir where upon Madame transformed me into a slutty school girl.

I then spent the next 30 minuted neatly arranging Madames knicker drawer.

For the next part of my session I was taken downstairs by Madame who had now transformed herself into the strict aunty Margi in full vintage ensemble.

For the next hour or so I was strictly spanked and given the hardest caning I have ever received and by the end of which my poor botty was covered in red stripes!

Thankyou again for such an amazimg session

Your Prettykins
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Posts: 2719
Karma: 266  
Re:Session Review of New Experiences - 2018/02/12 21:46 Thank you for spending time between writing the 400 lines I set you to write such an accurate complimentary review of our actual session which took place a week ago.

Fantastic Prettykins

I love to surprise humiliate & punish you.

Your punishment by cane for forgetting your lines was extra hard.

Your pain is my pleasure & your humiliation is for my amusement.

I truly enjoyed every aspect of our very creative controlling session.

Yours Strictly

Madame Margi
  The administrator has disabled public write access.

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