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Scumbag - Dave
Kidnap Scenario - 2004/11/30 21:37 Superior Mistress, Madame Margi,

Please find attached my fantasy scenario, as promised. Please pass it on to Mistress Judi. I would appreciate the comments and views of both of you.

Perhaps when I wrapped, bagged and put away "out of sight, out of mind", Madame may hang a sign around my neck saying,
"scum-bag(ged)" before photographing me for.........."blackmail"


Your Highness, Madame Margi,

As promised in my last E-mail here is my fantasy ?role-play? scenario, which may be turned into reality one day. I hope that you find the following scenario acceptable to you.

The Fantasy.

Madame e Margi catches me, either;

a) snooping around outside at the back of the house - peeping in at the windows.
b) rifling through drawers in the kitchen - having broken in while Madame Margi was out.

Madame creeps up behind me and puts her left hand tightly over my nose and mouth (I love this, it really gets me going having a Lady?s? hand clamped tight in this way), at the same time Madame pulls my right hand behind my back, hammerlock style. Madame says,
a) ?Don?t struggle or shout and get in the kitchen?
b) ?Keep quiet and don?t struggle?

Once I start to relax a little, through lack of air, Madame says, ?I should call the police, or would you rather accept my punishment??
I give a muffled reply, ?Your punishment, please, I?ve been in trouble with the police before and I can?t afford that again?
?Right then, get all of your clothes off and put them in this bin liner?
Madame locks the back door while I strip off and put everything in the black bag provided, ?What are you going to do to me?? I ask, ?What are you going to do with my clothes??
?Your clothes are going in the bin as soon as I have you secured, out of sight, out of mind, while I decide what I want to do with you. Is that everything in the bag??
?Yes,? I reply
(SLAP) ?Yes, What? Asks Madame
?Yes, Madame ?, I reply

?That?s better,? Madame spins me around and quickly and neatly binds my wrists together behind my back. ?Now come and sit on this chair.?
I do as I am ordered, Madame spits in my face, stuffs a pair of (soiled) panties in my mouth and tapes them in place, picks up a newspaper and, standing behind me, proceeds to wrap it around my head and binds it in place with strong parcel tape.

Note: the newspaper must be of the broadsheet variety i.e. ?Times?, ?Telegraph?, ?Independent?, ?Guardian? or pink ?Financial Times?. This should be opened out, pulled across my face and wrapped around - forming like a tube (two to four sheets thick is sufficient). Tape the join at the back and then bind tape around my neck to secure the paper, fold the top of the tube down over the back of my head and tape tightly around my head at eye level. This way I can?t see, hearing is difficult, breathing is difficult. Madame may put plugs in my ears before wrapping my head; I would appreciate it if Madame made a small hole, by my nostrils for breathing. Extra tape from under my chin, over the top of my head will reduce my ability to make a sound.

I am ordered to stand up, a cord is tied around the base of my genitals and pulled back between my legs and tied around my wrist bindings.
?That will make sure you don?t struggle!? says Madame Margi.
Madame then picks up another bin liner which has a hole cut in the bottom centre and pulls it on me over my head (like a dress with no armholes) and says, ?I think that you are rubbish and so I have made you look like rubbish,? Madame laughs. Then Madame takes me to wherever she is going to lock me away, out of sight, out of mind, (for a period of time to be determined by you, Madame) until she is ready to tease, torture, torment me to find out who I am and what I was doing at her house. Mistress Judi arrives, Madame says, ?I?ve got something to show you, Judi.?
?Oh, goody, a toy for the day (kicks me with her booted foot), he seems to be scared does he realise that this is just the start of something big?? I am locked away again.
?We?ll have a coffee, discuss what games we?re going to play and then come and get him out again,? says Madame Margi.
When I am taken for interrogation Madame makes a big play of the fact that the bag containing my clothes is in the bin, the bin men are coming and I will have to go home naked or just wearing a bin bag, ?If I decide to let you go!?
Having found out what information they want from me Madame and Mistress then do what they want for their amusement, entertainment and pleasure until they decide to release me.

Madame may take from where I have been locked away, interrogate me for a while and then leave me for a while. Then I may be ?played? with again for further treatment, then left for a while, secured, Madame may keep leaving me/dealing with me for periods of time at her discretion. I loved the part of your DVD where you shaved a slaves genital area ? perhaps if you shaved my genital area at the start of the Tease, Torture, Torment, Terrorise, Interrogation and TOTAL Humiliation you would discover that I only have one testicle. Something else for you two beautiful Ladies to giggle at, and more ball sack to put clamps/pegs on!!!

At the end of the appointment, before I am allowed to dress, I would like Madame Margi to bind my genitals with white cotton string or parcel tape. This is to remain in place until Madame sends me a text message after I have got home ? this could be either a one word text ?remove? or a two word text ?remove-report?.

I will be more than happy to supply Newspaper, Tape, Bin liners etc. as required by Madame.
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Platinum Boarder
Posts: 187
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Re:Kidnap Scenario - 2004/11/30 21:45 My dear Scumbag

You seem to have an obsession with being kidnapped by me!

I can assure you that Judi and I will be delighted to enact this scenario when we feel like using you for our fun. I still think it would be more realistic if we crept up on you when you are relaxing watching tv. Beware of a tall auburn haired Avon Lady and her younger Blonde friend calling round one evening my Scumbag!
Did you say you only have one testicle?

What do you think of this one Judi?

Madame Margi
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