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Latest Meeting with Mistress - 2004/11/02 23:44 I was at work and my mobile phone rang. I recognised the ring-tone which was unique to My Mistress. Nervously I pressed the answer key.

There was no one in the office. ?Er, Yes Mistress. dennis here. Can I help?? I gulped in answer.

?slave-dennis ? Answer the telephone properly when your Mistress calls you in future! I will deal with that infraction later. But first to business ? are you busy this evening my furry little pet?? demanded My Mistress. As it happens I was not busy and even if I was I would try to get out of it if My Mistress wanted something from me. I love to serve My Mistress at every opportunity.

?i am free this evening Mistress. What would you me like me to do for you?? I asked apprehensively.

?Be at my house at 7.00pm sharp, slave and we?ll have some fun.? The phone hung up.

Mistress lived in a lovely house on the outskirts of town in the country. As she used to say, ?I can torture and torment my slaves to my heart?s content and no one can hear the screams!? I always had a wonderful time of torment and tease with My Mistress. I came away every time completely shattered after being owned for several hours by My Mistress. I was nervous, however by what she meant as ?fun?.

I left work early, showered and shaved in the appropriate places ? My Mistress appreciated that I shaved around my cock and balls just for her ? it was my way of saying thank you to My Mistress and acknowledging that she owned me. I drove up to My Mistress?s house, parked and prepared myself. I knew that I had not to arrive too early ? I had been told off once before for that.

Having prepared myself I approached My Mistress?s door. Nervously I stood there and the door opened. I entered and the door closed behind me. There was no escape now. I removed my clothes as I had done in the past and neatly piled them. I donned my slave collar and lead ? my act of submission to My Mistress. I was commanded to follow My Mistress to her dungeon-playroom. I thought we would be alone together but then I saw Mistress?s idea of ?fun?. Another slave was present in Mistress?s dungeon. This slave was a woman who was completely naked and was strapped and spread out into Mistress?s suspension frame by the wrists and ankles. Her toes were barely touching the floor and she was incredibly exposed. She obviously was not expecting me either as My Mistress dragged me in through the door. ?slave dennis ? meet one of my newest slaves ? slave kathryn,? stated My Mistress, barely able to conceal her laughter. ?She?s quite new at this ? just like you dennis. But we all have to start somewhere don?t we?? said My Mistress pulling me towards her and playfully smacking my backside. ?This should be fun,? said My Mistress pulling me towards slave kathryn. She stood me so that I directly faced slave kathryn. ?Mmm. Wrong height. No problems ? step into these!? commanded My Mistress. I was put into a pair of high-heeled sandals and my legs were spread apart. Only then did I realise that there were spare black leather cuffs on the frame. I was chained and cuffed facing slave kathryn, spread out and exactly exposed the same as she was. My cock was enormous and nearly touching this beautiful naked woman opposite me. My wrists were virtually touching slave kathryn?s wrists and my ankles were similarly. My face was directly in front of slave kathryn?s.

?Well, you two seem to want to be next to one another so perhaps we had better do something about that.? My Mistress then produced some nipple chains. I had been subjected to these before. They were just about bearable while they were on and excruciating as My Mistress removed them. Then came My Mistress?s new kink. She proceeded to attach one end of the nipple clamp and chain to my left nipple and the other one to slave kathryn?s right nipple. Our other nipples were similarly attached. My Mistress kept stroking both our backsides. Both of us were incredibly aroused. My Mistress dangled a different kind of nipple chain in front of us both. ?My? side only had one clamp, which My Mistress fastened to my cock. slave kathryn?s side had two clamps which were attached to the open pussy lips of slave kathryn. At first this was OK then My Mistress proceeded to blindfold us both so we did not know what would be coming next.

Suddenly there was a sharp pain in my buttock. My Mistress had begun using her leather crop on me. I heard another noise ? flesh being hit by a crop. I realised that My Mistress must be cropping both of us. slave kathryn began mewling about backwards and forwards in the frame to get out of range of My Mistress?s crop but at the same time she was pulling on the chains between us. No only was I getting pain and torment in my backside from My Mistress?s crop but also my nipples began to feel as if they were on fire as they pulled on the chains. My cock felt equally tormented. Both slave kathryn and myself began squealing ? whether with pain or delight I was not sure. Again My Mistress had succeeded in a matter of minutes at putting my head into turmoil and no doubt slave kathryn was suffering a similar fate. This continued for several minutes. My Mistress asked if her sluts were happy. The cropping stopped. Very suddenly My Mistress must have dragged one of the chains between our nipples off with out any warning. We both screamed as the blood flowed back into the nipple. Again this happened but this time in slow motion as My Mistress slowly pulled the chain tighter and tighter until it flew off. Excruciating agony! My Mistress then turned her attention to the chain between my cock and slave kathryn?s pussy lips. We both screamed as My Mistress pulled them off. ?Oh priceless my little sluts! What fun!? said My Mistress as she removed our blindfolds.

My Mistress caressed both our backsides with her hands and hugged both of us. ?Oh I think I will leave you like this all evening. You look so lovely the pair of you.? My Mistress then commanded slave kathryn and myself to begin kissing. My Mistress then placed a black leather belt around our necks to ensure we stayed together. Our bodies were similarly belted and roped together. I realised that my very erect cock was now pushing into slave kathryn?s very wet pussy. I felt something underneath me. My Mistress had begun tormenting that most erotic of places were my balls ended but before my anus started. She was also tormenting slave kathryn in a similar fashion. This went on for what seemed like hours of tantalising fun and torment. Eventually My Mistress went and sat on her throne and drank in the scene in front of her. After a while My Mistress had obviously had enough and she proceeded to release us both, caressing and arousing us both as she did.

Soon we were both standing in front of My Mistress ? I still referred to her as My Mistress as previously instructed although I suppose now she was Our Mistress. ?Kneel, both of you,? she commanded. ?dennis, show kathryn how you worship.? I took My (sorry Our) Mistress?s leg and began licking and caressing both it and the leather shoe that encased her foot. ?Beautiful dennis. Now you kathryn,? commanded Our Mistress. kathryn began to kiss and caress the other shoe and foot.

?Well done my two slaves. Now lie on your backs with your heads towards me,? commanded Our Mistress. She then stood on us both and raked her high heels over our exposed breasts. ?Stay there!? she instructed. I felt Our Mistress kneel at my head and a leather hood was drawn over my head and face. I could not see or hear. Nothing else happened to me for several minutes but I felt Our Mistress was somehow dealing with slave kathryn. I felt heat on my breasts and the hood was pulled off me. There was hot wax over my breasts. Then it went cold as the wax was removed with ice cubes. I realised that slave kathryn had gone.

?You?re all mine again, dennis,? said My Mistress. My Mistress sat on my face and began manipulating my cock and balls. I rolled slightly back and brought my backside up into the air with my legs wide apart. My Mistress rewarded that by smacking my exposed backside with her other hand. ?You are such a slut dennis, aren?t you?? After several more slaps I could not help but explode. After I cleaned up My Mistress cuddled me in her arms ? again I was all hers ? her perfect furry slave. My Mistress then sent me home.
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Re:Latest Meeting with Mistress - 2004/11/04 00:41 My dear Furry Pet Dennis

I kept this story for many weeks as you may remember? You thought it would make a great story for a DVD production. I must tell you that I am quite surprised by the way your mind is working and will remember to try to enact many of the ideas you put into my own mind upon reading this most vivid and imaginative story.

Your Mistress

Madame Margi
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