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Trenchcoat Fetish - 2012/05/14 10:08 I was truly amazed when I discovered so many of you have a serious trencoat fetish. I have received many compliments regarding my recent albums featuring me wearing my fabulously elegant version of the trenchcoat by Christian Dior. When I wear my Dior coat I always feel inspired to be mysteriously sophisticated and powerful. Hence the inspiration of a recent dream by my Maid "Daisy" who dreamt that I was behaving in an ultra mysterious way during a recent session in my home chamber while wearing the Dior raincoat and thereafter revealed a most alluring set of black French lingerie and sheer seamed nylon stockings!

I am always happy to hear about your fetishes and fantasy dreams. To the gentlemen who believe I have a Burberry raincoat the answer is that I do not but it is in fact the orginal Dannimac. More coat collection albums coming this month by popular demand.

This will be the month where everyone attending travels the furthest to meet me. Beginning with my "patient" from Barrow this evening, naughty "nephew" from Edinburgh tomorrow, Sissy Slave Shamrock from Ireland on Wednesday through to Thursday. Next week I have my Stocking Slave from the Fylde coast, Lancashire devotee Slave Tron and the Slave who breaks all records of long distance to serve me every time and that is my "Whipped and Tormented" Slave "G" from Australia!

I often wonder how many dominant ladies in my region have so many well travelled distance Slaves to control. If you know of anyone as much in demand as myself please let me know.

Madame Margi
International Domme

Post edited by: madamemargi, at: 2012/05/14 12:11
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