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Re:Major Margaron - 2006/11/02 17:45 Madame Margi,
Somewhat belatedly I offer a possible Fantasy with Madame Margi as the "The Strict Horsewoman" and the controlling Major Margaron.
Sissy maid Wilma knocked gently on the door of Madame Margi's delightful flat and the door opened to reveal a Goddess -like figure dressed as always immaculately! However Wilma had not before seen her Mistress dressed as such! Madame Margi was dressed from top to toe in Black Leather tight Black Riding Trousers with soft Black knee length boots,Black strapped belt and above the gorgeous basque and bra enhancing those so enticing breasts and cleavage,on top a loose fitting Black Leather Riding jacket and gloves and a superb retro style fur Boa and crowning Her smiling face a well brushed Top Hat, and to complete this stunning ensemble in Her hand Mistress's favourite riding crop!
Mistress's eyes met Wilma's and She could see that Wilma was spellbound! With Her usual Disarmingly wonderful smile and fixing Wilma was these undescribably beautiful blue eyes, she invited Wilma to enter,
"Wilma to-day ,instead of wearing your sissy maid's outfit I think we will indulge in somethings quite different from normal" " Of course Mistress" stammered a surprised but really excited Wilma.
"Yes to-day I am going to teach you to be a pony girl. How about that Wilma?"
"As ever Your wishes are my command Madame Margi"
"Right strip off completely naked Wilma and I wiil be back shortly" " At once Mistress!!"
Wilma very quickly removed all her clothes and knelt expectantly on the floor awaiting her Mistress's return,just so delighted to be back to serve this Vision of Beauty that she was fortunate enough to know as her True Mistress and Mentor!
Quite soon Wilma heard the click of Mistress's heels on the floor in the corridor as She approached. The door opened and in swept Mistress in her immaculate Riding outfit and carrying some othe "gear" which Wilma had not met before! First of all the familiar slave collar and leash,but she was then told to face Mistress while a rubber bit and face harness was strapped on with reigns. A pony tail butt plug was then gently placed in Wilma's bottom and the "pony girl " was complete. Wilma had not noticed until Mistress commanded her to worship Mistress's black Leather boots that Mistress was also wearing spurs which glinted in the soft lighting and flickering candles of the room.
After Wilma had kissed and cleaned the Riding boots she was ordered on all fours as Mistress proceeded to mount her pony girl and dug the spurs into her pony girls sides as she ordered her to carry her Mistress around the room.
Wilma by this time had reached her heaven as she moved forward with feel of the soft Leather of Mistress's riding breeches caressing her back and the warmth of this beautiful Riding Mistress on her back!
" Faster,faster" commanded Mistress and very soon Wilma felt exhausted! "I think you need toughing up , sissy slave do you not?" exclaimed Mistress. "Before we go any further I think I must send you to Major Margaron's Academy for further training and treatment" Wilma was stunned as she had thought that she was pleasing her Mistress. Dismounting Mistress told Wilma to await further instructions and proceeded to give her pony girl six of the best with Her Riding crop before disappearing to Her chambers!
Wilma had a considerable time to contemplate what lay ahead for her!!!
She spent her time thinking of this Vision of Beauty, this Riding Mistress that she had not met before but was in awe of her curvaceous leather bound Body and utterly sensuous curves and overall stunning charisma.
Her recollections were interrupted by the sound of boots in the corridor approaching as she knelt on the floor!
The door epened and a very harsh command to lower her eyes rang out! She heard the movement behind her but daren't look round!
"Stand up slut!!!" Wilma jumped to her feet still facing away from the voice! "Turn round and stand to attention" barked the command.
Wilma wheeled round and caught her first glimpse of Major Margaron! She was so ill prepared for this revelation of this Statuesque ,Commanding Figure that stood before her! Dressed in this Black and Red PVC Officer's Uniform,but Wilma didn't get too much time to look before a further command said "Lower you eyes recruit!"
" You have been sent to become a suitable person to serve "The Strict Horsewoman" that is Madame Margi!" Do you understand" " Yes Sir" was all that Wilma could stutter out! "I can't hear you speak up" the Major barked as 2 searing strokes of the Major's crop struck her buttocks! "YES SIR" shouted Wilma! "That's better" "Now we will commence your training!
First of all the Major circled Wilma prodding,feeling all her body pulling her clit,tugging her balls and tweeking her nipples etc. "Need a lot of work on these bits!"
For the next 2 hours Wilma was subjected to so many "treatments" that her mind became numb.

Details of Wilma's Training will follow in the next report,Madame Margi.
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Posts: 2630
Karma: 265  
Re:Major Margaron - 2006/11/06 12:32 What excellent fantasy stories from my Texan leather boy and Scottish Sissy Wilma!

A pity that only Wilma will experience meeting Major Margaron and the strict Horsewoman in reality in early December when I return to Edinburgh!!

Prepare to polish my riding boots and spurs Wilma!

Your European Mistress of many venues and guises!!

Madame Margi
  The administrator has disabled public write access.
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