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MadameMargi Forum  

Posts: 2630
Karma: 265  
Strict Headmistress - 2010/11/02 18:39 Where have I been all these years when I was a budding Art Student, Pharmacy technician, dental nurse, veterinary nurse, secretary and switchboard operator and Fashion Designer?

I seem to have been waiting for the day to dawn when I would truly emerge in all of my mature glory as your dream strict school Headmistress.

There really is no age limit to my "bad boys" who forget their homework, correct school uniform etc and clutching their end of term report knock timidly upon my door for realistic strict corporal punishment.

Madame Margi
Flexing my springy school cane and caressing my JD strap!!

Bend over boys .............!

Post edited by: madamemargi, at: 2010/11/02 20:47
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Posts: 2630
Karma: 265  
Re:Strict Headmistress - 2010/11/04 20:18 Officer Hell was resurrected today but exclusively for Andy Pandy. I wore the black and white PVC uniform with the same satin seamed Wolford tights and over the knee boots I am wearing in the Headmistress photograph.

PVC can be very hot and sticky to wear so as soon as I had Andy Pandy secured naked and spread-eagled on rubber sheet of the bondage bed wearing a gas mask with cruel electric pads and rubber tipped pegs attached to his genitals I unzipped my uniform and dressed in sexy leather hot pants with matching shirt and ultimate sky high thigh boots. Oh the comfort and sensuality of fabulous luxurious leather in comparison to tacky shiny plastic cheap PVC.

Sorry my loyal Bootslave Andy but Officer Hell has now permanently retired to the back rails of my wardrobe. You have her extreme lace up PVC thigh boots to worship whenever I command. Remember to polish my boots lovingly with your tongue and lips daily and when I send a text to suck on my heels I mean swallow them deep down inside your mouth to your tonsils!

Madame Margi in luxurious powerful leather
  The administrator has disabled public write access.

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