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Weekend in Paris with Madame Margi - 2013/10/14 15:24 Dear Strict and Sexy Aunty Margi

I have been busy thinking of my next fantasy story and you inspired me to write a story of the humiliation of your hand maiden Josey. I really hope it is to your liking.


I arrived at my Aunty Margi's house at precisely 10am as instructed. It was a Friday morning and I had been told that I should be prepared to spend the whole weekend with my Aunty. I was very nervous and had no idea what was in store for me.

I walked up to the front door of my Aunties house and tapped several times. The door was immediately opened and stood in the doorway was my Aunty Margi. She looked absolutely stunning in high heels, fully fashioned nylon stockings, a black leather skirt, long sleeved blouse and newly styled hair. I was speechless.

Come in at once! Came the command. We have lots to do. I was led into the lounge and straight away noticed a girly outfit laid out on the sofa.

"Now then young man. I have noticed your increasingly bad behaviour of late and it will not be tolerated any longer", said Aunty Margi in a rather stern voice. "You need to be taught a few lessons and this weekend you will learn some that you wont forget."

My Aunty went on to explain that I was going to be her personal hand maiden for the rest of the weekend and that I was to accompany her on a trip to Paris. She also explained that I was going to be dressed accordingly in white stockings, pretty pink panties, a tight pencil skirt, high heels, pink blouse and a pretty little pillbox hat.

I uttered a word of protest and my Aunty pulled me across her lap immediately and spanked me thoroughly with her hand brush which was sat on the coffee  Table. I was in floods of tears as she explained that I would be receiving a good hard spanking first thing the morning and just before bedtime and that additional spankings would be administered for any misbehaviour.

With my bottie on fire and feeling very sorry for myself I was expertly dressed as my Aunt's hand maiden. Complete with blonde wig, make up and nail varnish I looked so girly and obedient.

"Now young man for the rest of the weekend you shall be called Josey. You will be responsible for carrying my suitcase and any other bags I may have".

Without further ado my Aunty called for a taxi and while we waited she detailed exactly how I was to behave. Time passed quickly and the taxi arrived. I was deeply humiliated as I was made to greet the driver and help to put Aunt's enormous bright red suitcase into the boot. At that point the only thing glowing a brighter shade of red than Aunties suitcase was my red bottie and red face.

The taxi journey went quite smoothly and we arrived at the train station in Manchester. It was very busy and I was so very humiliated as I tottered behind my Aunty in my high heels carrying her enormous suitcase.

Once aboard the train we took our seats and I was glad of some light relief from standing in my high heels. My relief was short lived however as I was  soon put to use by my Aunty and made to bring regular refreshments from the buffet car. This was all very embarrassing as the buffet car was some 3 to 4 carriages away from ours and my journey there took me past a group of school girls who were on a trip to France. How humiliating as every time I walked passed they would giggle at me. One of them even lifted the back of my skirt revealing my pink panties for a brief moment which brought roars of laughter from the rest of the girls.

We finally arrived in Paris. My weekend of humiliation was only just beginning.

To be continued........

Aunty Margi I do hope you enjoyed the start to this story. I look forward to thinking of how it can develop.

Your Naughty Sissy Nephew


"Just one thing you completely forgot Joe. It takes 3 train journeys from my home "The Nest" to arrive at Gare du Nord in Paris. Chorley to Manchester, Manchester Picadilly to London Euston and then St Pancras to Paris Gare du Nord. All this time you will be heaving my heavy cases on and off 3 trains in your very girly outfit".

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Posts: 2630
Karma: 265  
Part 2 of Weekend in Paris with Aunty - 2013/10/22 12:33 Dear Strict and Sexy Aunty Margi

I hope you are having an enjoyable day.

Here is the next instalment of our weekend in Paris for your amusement.

Weekend in Paris with Madame Margi - Part 2

Having endured the most humiliating train journey we arrived at my Aunt’s city apartment in the heart of Paris. My arms were aching from carrying my Aunt’s rather large suitcase and my calves were aching too from all the tottering around in my high heels. We had taken a taxi from the station and much to my embarrassment Aunty spoke fluently in French with the taxi driver who found my predicament very amusing as he and my Aunty chatted about me as if I wasn’t even there.

My Aunt’s apartment was on the fifth floor and I was made to follow her up the stairs while carrying her suitcase. This was all very tiring after such a long journey but at least I got a wonderful view of my Aunt’s wonderful behind.

We entered the apartment which was very large and spacious.  My Aunty then announced that soon we would be going out for tea but first she needed to freshen up and change into a new outfit. I was instructed to unpack her suitcase and arrange all her clothes in her wardrobes. My Aunty then disappeared into the bathroom and I was left to do as I was told.

I unpacked my Aunt’s suitcase as instructed and couldn’t help but rub the beautiful silks and satins over my face which felt wonderful.

My Aunty returned from the bathroom fully covered in her bath robe. I was then commanded to strip in front her and to go and get a shower. How embarrassing as I took off my girly clothes.

Having showered I returned back to the bedroom where my Aunty had changed into the most stunning of long black satin dresses with the deepest red long sleeved blouse. I felt myself becoming aroused which didn’t go unnoticed by Aunty. All naked I was immediately taken across her where she delivered a thorough spanking with a heavy wooden paddle which must have been in her suitcase.  I was broken and in tears after what must have been a good 15minutes of spanking and scolding.

I was then made to stand in the corner of the bedroom while my Aunty applied her makeup.

When my Aunty was all done she then turned her attentions to me and expertly transformed me into her pink satin maid with white stockings, suspenders, pink knickers, pink dress and petticoats. She also locked me into a chastity device to ensure my little willy wouldn’t be disgracing me by becoming erect when dressed up in lovely satin knickers. How embarrassing for me. Aunty locked me up securely and put the chain onto a silver chain fastened around her graceful neck with the key resting at the top of her fabulous bosom.

It was now late afternoon and we headed into the busy city centre for tea. I attracted a lot of stares and giggles of amusement as I obediently followed behind my Aunty. Unfortunately for me it was a little breezy that afternoon and on more than one occasion the wind blew up my petticoats exposing my pink knickers to passers by.

We arrived at my Aunt’s favourite tea parlour "Mariages Freres". It was ever so busy but as a regular customer my Aunty received preferential treatment and we were escorted to her very own table which was right in the middle of the large tea room much to my discomfort.

For the next hour or so I was put through the most humiliating of experiences as I was made to stand the whole time as I served tea and buttered scones for my Aunty. All the while I suffered the attentions of some stylish Parisienne ladies who were so impressed with my obedience that they even commented how they wished they had a sissy maid that they could keep in a collar and lead instead of their pampered pooches. My face was bright red the whole time.

What an embarrassing afternoon.

To be continued.....

I hope you have enjoyed my latest instalment. I am looking forward to continuing the story for your amusement.

Your Naughty Sissy Nephew

  The administrator has disabled public write access.

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